What Is Cvd Diamond

 CVD diamond is the future of the diamond world. With better quality, lower price, eco-friendly, readily available and comes from an ethical source. 

Before knowing what CVD diamond is, you must understand what is lab grown diamond.

So, lab-grown diamonds are made by human technology, impersonating the natural standards of a perfect diamond. Which holds the same components and properties as a natural diamond that’s the reason man-made diamonds are also considered as real diamonds.

Besides the origin, lab-created diamonds and natural diamonds are twins. No one can differentiate a lab made diamond and mined diamond by naked eyes. It’s the same as the test-tube baby technology. 

There are two methods for growing the diamond from the diamond seed. Yes, growing diamonds from DIAMOND SEED! But don’t try the same approach with the money we hope you get the point.

CVD and HPHT are the techniques by which a diamond is formed—in CVD, also known as Chemical Vapor Deposition made with carbon-rich gases while HPHT diamonds are made with high heat and pressure.

CVD diamond is cheaper and has the purest crystal compared to HPHT and natural diamond. 

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