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“Go beyond the trend” that’s our motto in massy CVD diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are now forever, and this trend is never going to be out of fashion because it’s eco-friendly, and we need it for the future.

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CVD Diamonds

A CVD Diamond which is also known as a lab-created diamond is made by a synthetic method as compared to the natural or real diamonds who are made with physical processes.

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HPHT Diamonds

HPHT stands for top pressure and heat . HPHT may be a technique developed within the 1950’s to make beautiful and lucrative diamonds.examined by GIA from 2007

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Solitaire Diamonds

Solitaire diamond is a single large diamond. It can be used in the solitaire ring with incants or alone. Nowadays people also like it in the studded earring. 

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Melee Diamonds

A CVD Diamond which is also known as a lab-created diamond is made by a synthetic method as compared to the natural or real diamonds who are made with physical processes.

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Fancy Color Diamonds

Colours like pink | blue | black | green and red can be seen in the Massy Cvd Diamond. Every colour has it’s stand by which there is no comparison in Fancy Color Diamonds between. 

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Custom Cut Diamonds

Your favourite shape diamond is not available in market!!! No worry, you can customize your own shape and size according to your need and preference. Custom cut diamond is much costlier

Massy Diamonds

Make your Own Diamond Engagement Ring

Do you have a design in your mind? We would love to work on it. Would you like to share your ideas?

Diamonds Info

The Value of a Diamond And Information about Diamonds

Diamond Shapes

Round | Princess | Oval | Marquise | Pear | Cushion | Emerald | Asscher

diamonds colors

Gray | White | Blue | Yellow | Orange | Red | Green

What are Fluorescence in Diamonds?

Diamond Fluorescence refers to a diamond’s tendency to emit a soft colored glow when subjected to ultraviolet light.Roughly 30%.

Cvd diamond Info
Diamond Cut

None | Good | Very Good | Excellent | Ideal

Diamond Clarity

SI1 | SI2 | VS1 | VS2 | VVS1 | VVS2

What is Cvd Diamond?

Synthetic Diamond Prepared by CVD Techniques.

Why Buy Your Diamond From Us?

We are the manufacturer and supplier of lab grown diamonds. We provide varieties of lab created diamond to worldwide at no cost. You can learn about lab grown diamonds on our education page if you have any confusion. We are always here to help you.

No Middleman

We created our grown diamonds in laboratories and supplies it to the retailer, wholesaler as well as an individual. It might be different in price when you purchase lab grown diamond wholesale and purchase it individually.


Our all Lab made diamonds have certification from the International Gemological Institute (IGI)or Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The same laboratories which give the certification to natural diamonds.


The price of lab grown diamond is 20-30% less than natural diamond. And we will try to provide the best lab grown diamond price as possible. As you can find many other online stores with lower price but be aware of what they sell.


In natural diamonds the shapes and colours are very limited as well as rare and costly. While after introducing of lab created diamonds this type of problems has solve. In our store you can find varieties of diamonds in many shapes and colours.

Secure payment

Our payment is safe and secure we apply the trusted method like PayPal. We also have other methods and accept cards according to the customer comfort. It just that our customer should feel save while buying lab grown diamonds from us.


We provide a lifetime warranty on our lab-grown diamonds. So, if you are tense about what will happen after purchasing the lab created diamond from us, then get confirmed because we are always at your services even after many years of your purchase.

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